Sunday, 26 April 2015

Which vowel?

Some children struggle to hear that vowel in words when writing. I usually do a focus activity on that medial vowel. We go through the vowel sounds first and then I simply read a word out and the child must peg the correct vowel peg to the correct vowel sound. Great for those motor skills too.
The download consists of three vowel strips written in different order which is useful when working with a group of children, and a sheet of cvc words with all the vowels. Simple read in downward strips. These little cards could also be cut up and used as a sorting activity. Cut them all up and have 5 containers for the child to read and sort.

If working in a class situation you could just give each child a strip and one peg. The child pegs their peg to the correct vowel on the strip.

Download: Can you hear the vowel?

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