Sunday, 22 May 2016

Can you make a real word (or alien word)

This is a fab little activity/game for helping children to practise blending.

Phase 2 /i/
Phase 2 /o/
Phase 2 /u/
Phase 2 /e/
Phase 2 /a/

Phase 3 consonant digraphs

Laminate and cut out the letters.
Deal the cards between two players.
Ask the child to pick a card.
Read the sound then look at the first box on the game board. Does it make a real word or an alien word? Encourage the use of the sound buttons. If it makes an alien word (nonsense) word then they can place it on the board. If it makes a real word then the word goes to the bottom of their pile.
The next person picks a card and tries to place it on the next available box. Continue until all the boxes are filled and someone reaches the finish box.

The person with the least cards left is the winner.

I have done two different games - one making alien words(much easier) and one making real words. You can obviously do either on any of the boards.

I played this game with one of my children and it worked brilliantly. It gave LOTS of blending practice which was the intention and also lots of discussion on real words and nonsense words.

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